Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 1: London - Bratislava

With a 2am start for a 3am coach for a 6:30am flight there seemed little point in sleeping. So a late night of drinking and staying awake until the early hours before embarking on our travels seemed the most logical way forward.

This was our first and hopefully last experience of RyanAir, uncomfortable is an understatement and you now actually get played adverts over the loud speaker as you're in the air. It really is worrying trusting your life to an airline who are so desperate for your money and appear to cut every corner imaginable.

Too tired from the 30 hours straight of being awake to do much, we have just been for a wander around the historic old town with a visit to a couple of pubs and a couple of microbreweries. No ale, but the quality and the price (Euro/pint) makes up for it. Lager here is classified by degrees, which measure how light/pale it is, 10 being the lightest and as far as we have seen 16 is the darkest.

A few photos of our first day. 
Bratislava Castle overlooking the town
Dark Lager at Meštiansky Pivovar followed by spicy and tender goulash
Two pints of 10 & 12 Degree lager at Zámocký Pivovar.
main square in the evening

Zámocký Pivovar microbrewery, which happens to be across the road from our hotel


  1. It was a very lucky coincidence! We have just arrived into Prague and our hotel is next to an Absinthe Bar.

  2. Its all in the planning! Try and havve a look at Prague not justt pubs as i would quite like to go there myself.