Monday, 17 June 2013

Top 5 - Croatia - 2012

The top 5 places of Croatia from our 2012 trip of the Balkan Coast (in North to South order)


A perfect stop over when connecting Central Europe with South Croatia. Classical architecture in abundance.

Plitvice Lakes

Unmissable - A few hours South of Zagreb and unforgettable scenery of Forests, Clear Still Lakes, Water Falls, Wooden Trails.... and hordes of Tourists if you don't get make the effort to get up early. A 6:30-7:00am start is essential, your reward will be the first two or maybe 3 hours to yourself before the tour buses arrive.


A Roman palace big enough to hold an entire town? The majority of the town is enclosed in Diocletian's Palace which was built as a retirement home in 305 AD. The original (still largely intact) palace is maze of white marble streets and buildings.

Hvar Island

The most visited of Croatia's 1000+ islands, and with good reason too. Not just an island for those with Abramovic sized yachts and wallets, but a perfect island to relax and people watch with the endless sea side bars.


The ever increasing tourists and prices can not take anything away from Dubrovnik. The white marble and stone old town built within impenetrable castle walls overlooking the Adriatic provide many side alleys and lanes to drift and get lost in.

Individual place guides/blogs coming soon.

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